Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest artist -- Thatcher Keats

By Thatcher Keats
"Drunk on floor" from "DSM III (g.a.e.t.)," Thatcher Keats, All rights reserved

Take a look

The 1st pictures I saw by Thatcher Keats were flash closeups of very drunk & stoned teenagers. I got the impression from the friend who told me about him that these were taken early in his career, that he settled down some as he got older. I can see that. But the pictures are still as blunt as a whack from a hammer, even when they're tender & funny, like some of the shots in the The Kids series. I think this guy is terrific.


Thatcher Keats said...

Thanks for the props, bub.

gilhodges said...

Agreed. Keats is magnif. Takes one to know one, Connor.

Tim Connor said...

Thank you, Mr. Hodges.You're still a god here in Brooklyn.