Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A sword in her heart

"Virgin with bearers," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

"Virgin against night sky," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

Every Good Friday, starting at Sacred Heart and St. Stephens Church, a procession of the dead Jesus in a glass coffin, followed by his grieving mother (above), winds through the streets of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The custom is from the island of Bari in Sicily, where most of the original inhabitants of the neighborhood come from.


Chris Bonney said...

Not sure how I missed these. Wow!

Peter Basta Brightbill said...

Incredible that the Times can't get basic geography right, especially given the number of Italian-American New Yorkers.

Bari is not an Island. Sicily is. Bari is a city on an isthmus in the southeast of Italy. They are not geographically proximate at all.

Tim Connor said...

Thanks for that correction.