Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain-Palin's ugly mob

The ugliness started at the Republican Convention in St. Paul, where traditional partisan attack lines in the speeches drew, not the expected applause & laughter, but long rancorous boos & catcalls. Over the convention the negativity rose to a rapture of scorn. It reached its peak in Sarah Palin's speech, where the hoarse, sustained booing at every mention of her "liberal" targets sounded like excited cattle, just before the stampede.

As the campaign has progressed, Palin & McCain have settled on a strategy of playing directly to these haters. We have a long tradition of murderous racism, xenophobia & other kinds of intolerance in this country -- from the Ku Klux Klan to the Know Nothing Party & the Aryan Nation. But even those creeps can't have been any more ignorant or eager to believe low, rancid lies than the people in this video.

The video comes from bloggerinterrupted, who has made others that are equally shocking. He reports, "You can get this footage at every single McCain-Palin rally in the country. Every single one."

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Tim Connor said...

The NY Times Frank Rich gets it right, as he frequently does.

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