Monday, June 30, 2008

Garden creatures

"Young buck," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

"Jungle madonna," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

"Gnome alone," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

I found these in the lush frontyard gardens of Astoria, Queens after thunder & a half-hour of drenching rain. They felt like treasures hidden by a child beneath the thick wet leaves. I felt a child's excitement discovering them.

All statues are a little bit alive -- & not just to children. Freud called statues & mannequins "uncanny." They're familiar, close to what we know but...different. They stir up deepseated fears that the dead are not really dead; that the dead can suddenly become alive.

No matter what the statues look like, I always feel this. I'm guessing so many people want to be around jokey statues because they can feel the pulse of connection, but without the fear.

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