Monday, December 3, 2007

William Greiner's New Orleans

"Big Horn," William Greiner, All rights reserved

One of my favorite blogs is Willam Greiner/New Orleans + Katrina + Beyond. Not only because Greiner's photos knock me out (they're like potent little zen satoris in color) but also because his blog is a window into a place I want to know about -- one that seems strangely absent from the national conversation. I mean post-flood New Orleans.

Greiner was born, raised & lived most of his adult life there. Like thousands of others he was driven from the city by Katrina. Now he lives 65 miles north & west in Baton Rouge. His posts about the city that is lost/the city that might be are passionate, grieving, funny-- an insider's spicy blend of art, politics & news. And photos . There's something about this blog -- a memento mori style, kind of like a jazz funeral or maybe a New Orleans cemetery -- that hints at the Big Easy spirit Greiner & so many others hope is indestructible.

"Welcome home, Metaire, LA," William Greiner, All rights reserved

In today's blog post Greiner links to a story in the Times-Picayune about the launch of Brad Pitt's $12 million "Make It Right" project to rebuild the Lower 9th Ward. It's a interesting story (locals are "cautiously optimistic"). And, if you want some funky NOLA flavor, don't miss the 75 post-story comments from local readers.

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