Saturday, September 8, 2007

Come see my show!

"Courtesy Nelson Hancock Gallery," All rights reserved

I'm in a show called "Topos: Brooklyn" that opens this Thursday, September 13, at the Nelson Hancock Gallery in ever-fashionable DUMBO, Brooklyn, and I'm hoping you can come. The opening is 6-8pm at the gallery. For those of you who live out of town or can't make it to the opening, the show runs through October 20. It's subtitled, "Eight photographers examine the landscape of the borough," and the work is diverse and exhilarating.

The other photographers in the show are: Michael Iacovone, Michael Itkoff, Eve Mosher, Michael Piazza, Michael Simon and Torrance York.

The blurb on the card above, which you may have trouble reading, concludes: "...What emerges is an intimate and highly nuanced view of Brooklyn, an aggregate portrait with photographs ranging in scale from global to miniscule, that visitors will find at once foreign and familiar."

I'll be posting more about this later.


Mary Hockenbery said...

wish I could be there

catt55 said...

so many michaels...

Room With A View said...

Maybe I am one of your fans for the longest time, Tim. Now I'm in China and wish I could come see your show. I hope when the time is right you will post them as a set on Flickr. I'd like to see the group of pix you are showing.

(very interesting - most of this comment page has come up in Chinese cahracters. Hope I can find where to click)