Saturday, August 4, 2007

Good news on NY photo rules

"Under Manhattan Bridge," Michael Fairchild

New York City has backed away from proposed new rules for photography & film-making that riled the image-making community & triggered widespread protests, reports today's New York Times. It's another reminder of the practical power of internet campaigning. Luckily, solidarity was easy this time because the city's proposed rules were so insultingly dumb, but the quick creation of anti-rules' website Picture New York & its effective operation are cause for celebration. There's a lot wrong with the U.S. right now but one remarkable fact is that anyone with a computer & internet connection can email, blog & youtube everyone else with a computer & internet connection.

Go Netroots!

If you want evidence of the growing real-world political power of the blogs, consider the Daily Kos convention in Chicago. Today, they're hosting a forum of all the top Democratic candidates, & they've arranged "break-out" sessions for each of them. Hillary Clinton tried to skip hers but soon realized she wasn't going to get away with it. See the story here.

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