Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weird Kentucky

"Woolridge family cemetery," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

Some time last year I got an email from a guy in New Jersey who had found my photo (above) of the Woolridge monument in Mayfield, KY. When I called him (sorry I don't remember his name) , he told me he wanted to use the photo in a travel guide to be called Weird Kentucky (part of a travel series called Weird U.S.). We talked more about it, very pleasantly, but I noticed he wasn't mentioning money, so I did. We bargained a little, then agreed amiably on a modest price .

I joked I would put him on my blog if he paid me quickly & sent me a copy when the book got published. Well, I got a check within the week & yesterday got my signed copy! So here you go, sir!

"Weird Kentucky," Sterling Publishing Co., All rights

I'm proud to be putting Weird Kentucky on my bookshelf, & I think you should own it too.

This handy compendium mixes charmingly strange locations you can actually visit in Kentucky -- e.g., a Biblically-themed 54-hole miniature golf course in Lexington where "...even the most jaded & seasoned professional miniature golfer will find himself challenged by the miracle holes, especially putting the Red Sea" -- & regionally-based mysteries, legends, unexplained phenomena, bloody secrets, roadside oddities, fabled people, bizarre beasts, & ghost stories to curdle the kiddy's blood around the campfire. Oh & of course the illustrations are lavishly creative.

Congratulations to publishers Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman & author Jeffrey Scott Holland.

Here's a Louisville-Courier Journal story , "Weird Kentucky develops a following."
Here's a link to the book's page on Amazon.
Here's a website called Unusual Kentucky.

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