Monday, April 21, 2008

Tick tick tick!

"Young buck on Fire Island," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

I recently went to the doctor & found out I'm having a recurrence of Lyme's disease. On Fire Island last summer I found a tick bite with the little red target around it . After a blood test confirmed Lyme's, I took a course of antibiotics for it & thought that was that. Nope.

I've been feeling awful for weeks, dragging around, low energy, energy plunges, falling asleep at work, terrible muscle aches, headaches. Feeling worse because I couldn't concentrate to do photography or write worth a damn. Now at least I know what it is -- I hope. I'm off on another round of antibiotics,but doc says it might take2-3 weeks to kick in.

Go ahead, Argentina, cry for me.


Paul Butzi said...

Boy, I sure hope the antibiotics kick in fast.

I'm sorry to read that you're under the weather, and I sure hope that your recovery is swift!

Chris Bonney said...

So sorry to hear about the Lyme's, Tim. But happy you got attention initially at the outset, and connected the dots finally in this relapse. An acquaintance down here got it and damned near....well, let's just say he was gravely ill before anyone thought to check him for Lyme disease. Wishing you a strong recovery.