Friday, April 25, 2008

Make theatre make a difference, Part 1

"Make theatre make a difference, Part 1", Winter/Summer Institute, All rights reserved

This is Part 1 of of a video documenting work my wife Lucy Winner, her colleague Katt Lissard and others are doing to combat AIDS in Lesotho, southern Africa (see next post for Part 2). Lucy teaches theatre at Empire State College, SUNY in NYC. She and colleagues and students from South Africa, Lesotho, the U.K. and NYC have put together a theatre project in Lesotho that creates collaborative plays with the local Basotho people. Lesotho is one of the poorest countries in the world. A staggering one-third of the country's adults have the HIV/AIDS virus so the issue is huge and tragic. The work that they created last time on the role of gossip in the spread of the virus reflects this, of course, but it's often very funny too -- and the music will blow your mind! See for yourself!

They'll be going back to Lesotho in June. Visit to learn more or make a tax-deductible donation