Sunday, April 6, 2008

Today is Forsythia Day

"Forsythia suckers," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

A symbol of brotherhood, unity and understanding, forsythia was declared the official flower of Brooklyn in 1940. Brooklyn residents were encouraged to plant the flower in their gardens and neighborhoods.

The 1st Sunday in April was declared Forsythia Day in the borough. A parade --also known as the Sunday School or St. James parade -- was held in its honor. Today the Brooklyn Botanic Garden celebrates this tradition by giving away forsythias to its members.

Below is a really charming shot of the parade, which I dug up here:

"The annual Sunday School-Brooklyn Day parade. In light dresses in front: Doris Olsen of Gotham Avenue (with flag raised) then Dolores Ficken (flag lowered). In the next row from left are Mary Hall and Anna Marie Mockler (now Leitch, with flag raised and in dark uniform). Fred Mockler on the tricycle. Taken around the early 1940s?"
(Courtesy Fred Mockler)

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JH said...

I'm glad you pointed that out - never knew about this, though i'm a brooklyn native.