Sunday, March 9, 2008

Through the donut hole ... again

"Big chocolate," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

I've been blogging less & less & it's time to fess up why. I got a new MacBook Pro, a beautiful sleek thing, & something to celebrate after years of hauling my company-issued PC laptop home from work every night to work on my own stuff. Now I'm dithering about it. My embarrassing little secret -- & it's the emperor of all ironies for a serious photographer -- I'm a technophobe.

There, I've said it! I'll get through this PC-Mac transition in my slow mumbly-bumbly way -- hopefully without exposing myself to the ridicule of 16-year-olds -- but I won't pretend I like it.
OK, I admit I'm a growly old grump who would love nothing better than to cut loose & rant. But it's a waste of time. Now it's OSX Leopard, which succeeded OSX Tiger. I guess Leopard might last a few years. And then what? Sabre Tooth?

Well, got to go. Time to blunder in the techno darkness. Yes, I'll stop whining soon, but 1st, you know that cellphone my family forced me to buy? ... What is all that tiny, tinny shit you're supposed to need actually FOR? I just want to make a phone call.


terri lynn said...

learning curves always suck!!!!

stuart said...

phonecams kick ass

stuart said...

but seriously good luck with the mac, there's a wealth of talent out there that can help, tons of forums official and unofficial, once you get your head around it, things just work, and if they don't the answer is never far away and often easy enough to fix one's self.

Tim Connor said...

Stuart, I really like your phonecam blog. Honestly, I didn't expect to, but I seriously do.

Yeah, I am sensing the superiority of the Mac even as I still struggle with it. And, yeah, not only is help nearby, but also you can understand the language in which it's given. I guess the simplest way to put it is, finally, I feel like I'm on the right team, in the right nation. If one is going to surrender one's mind to the ubermind, it sure better be the right one.