Friday, March 21, 2008

Post party post

"Call of the wild," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

Warmest thanks to all who came to Brooklyn last night for my show & party. I really loved seeing you! Who knew Pacific Standard had so many kinds of beer?

Since it was so (happily) crowded & hectic last night & for those who couldn't make it to the party, here's a link to the mix of slides that I ran.

And here's what I wrote about them:

Brooklyn local:
How I see these photographs

These are my home-ground pictures. If you had a giant compass, planted the point on the roof of my apartment building, set the radius at 3 miles & drew a circle, all these pictures would fall inside it. Historically, they’re the direct descendants of street shooting by Eugene Atget, Andre Kertecz, Walker Evans & Robert Frank, maybe leavened a bit by color & irony in the more recent tradition of William Eggleston.

My method is to move around waiting for pictures to embed themselves in the world for a single instant -- before they morph into something else. This is even true of supposedly stationary objects, like statues, which are also changing every second. At the moment I claim them, my best pictures are already complete in the world. Drawn directly from what is there, like haiku, they are recognized, not created. They are both descriptively precise & philosophically unreliable. As the great street portraitist Diane Arbus put it, “The more specific you are the more general it will be.”

Prints are available: For a price list or to talk about a project, contact:

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