Sunday, March 11, 2007


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Deomatty Arjun by Eric Harvey Brown

No, it's not an expletive or a slur. It's a Hindu New Year festival that involves LOTS of colored powder, transplanted by emigrants to the Caribbean countries of Guyana & Trinidad & then to Richmond Hill, Queens. Whatever else it's about, Phagwah is about color. Jersey City freelance shooter Eric Brown covered the festival with his trusty Holga & got a 6-pic essay, "Pink Clouds Over Richmond Hill," in today's City section of The New York Times. Killer work.

For more Phagwah see vivid takes by Adam Pantozzi/tozzer & Lori/gardengal on Flickr.

Question: is Phagwah a Hindi word? What does it mean?

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Tim Connor said...

From Eric/dogseat at Flickr:

'Holi' is the Hindu term for this event in India, 'Phagwah' is the term for the same event in the Caribbean. I don't know if phagwah is a Hindu word.
And thanks for the post!