Saturday, March 10, 2007

'Cocksucker blues:' more Robert Frank

Film still by Robert Frank (courtesy Shane Lavalette)

Exploring the photo blogosphere, I came upon Shane Lavalette's journal, which has a March 9 entry about Robert Frank's notorious 1972 film "Cocksucker Blues." Frank made the documentary in 1972 when he traveled with the Rolling Stones on their nationwide tour. The footage shows band members shooting up, group sex & other activities Focus on the Family wouldn't approve of. But "Cocksucker" was never distributed because -- surprise -- the Stones sued to stop it. Jagger said at the time, "It’s a fucking good film, Robert, but if it shows in America we’ll never be allowed in the country again."

Shane's blog links to YouTube excerpts, including a kickass high speed version of "Street Fighting Man." Really makes me want to see the complete film.


Joey Harrison said...

I believe the film got a little exposure in America. This flyer from the Detroit nightclub Bookies includes a one-night showing there on a Sunday night in 1980 after a six-night run of Iggy Pop.

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