Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Richard Avedon's "continuous work"

"Verushka," Richard Avedon, All rights reserved

"Ad for a bathing suit," Richard Avedon, All rights reserved

Every picture by Richard Avedon I've ever looked at had two things: 1) a sense of absolute control 2) a mysterious & unfakeable sense of life. I have no idea how he did this. I look at his pictures -- high fashion models to roadside drifters -- in awe. It is as though I had never taken a picture in my life.

Through Labor Day,"Avedon Fashion, 1944-2000" at ICP. Over 200 prints.
Slide show of Avedon fashion shots.
Avedon's obit.
"How Avedon Blurred His Own Image."

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