Monday, May 4, 2009

Pictures on the radio?

"Monster," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

"Roof line," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

WNYC's Brian Lehrer is supposed to talk about these 2 photos & others on his radio show tomorrow at 10 AM (93.9 FM) as part of a series on NYC architecture. For the 1st show in the series Lehrer gave video cameras to prominent architects & had them go out & tape & then talk about their favorite buildings. So he's doing interesting stuff with various media that gets his show out of the studio. Here's a slideshow they did last week.

The show my pictures will be in is getting its images from a Flickr group I joined, WNYC Cityscapes. When the producer asked for my permission, I said fine, OK, but -- um -- how can you show pictures on the radio? I knew it was a question that would make any 10-year-old nerd snicker uncontrollably, but photos - on - the - radio? Well, it's for a webcast [DUH!] for those who listen to the radio on their computers. So tomorrow (today actually, Tuesday), check it out if you can.

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Andrew Gardner said...

That's very cool.

As far as pictures on the radio goes, I know I almost never listen to a "radio" anymore, instead listen on my computer, which than means I can also view the photos in Flickr.