Sunday, March 1, 2009

MOMA mounts major Brooklyn exhibition in bid to showcase local artist

"Nan Goldin gazes anxiously at her lover, who smokes a postcoital cigarette &
moodily stares across the tunnel beneath Atlantic-Pacific subway station at Tim Connor's 'Brooklyn local' photographs," Photo by Tim Connor, courtesy Nan Goldin & MOMA

With its new installation of art prints at Brooklyn's Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St. subway station Manhattan's world-famous Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) throws in its lot with Brooklyn photographer Tim Connor, whose colorful Arts for Transit lightboxes have electrified the station for over a year.


MOMA's slapped-on-the-wall prints & ambitious bright pink & black signage aim to entice outer-borough commuters to its Manhattan center, where the original art can be seen under much better lighting conditions for $18.

"Woman in orange beret looking at Andreas Gursky print," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

To this critic, the impressive show -- which literally arrays the most iconic painters, printmakers & photographers of the modern age around Connor's seven-panel work -- has been designed to showcase the little-known photoartist's fresh talent. And I say, good going, MOMA. It takes a great museum to boldly endorse the future.

My advice to my readers? Ride the subway to Atlantic Ave. & take in MOMA's modernist & postmodernist classics before settling down to take a look at Connor's work, now backed 100% by perhaps the world's greatest museum. Do it now before his new reputation spreads across the planet like a mad mutant virus.

"Cindy & me & Claude make three," Photo by Tim Connor, courtesy Cindy Sherman,
Ed Ruscha, Claude Monet & MOMA


Chris Bonney said...

You shall be known by the company you keep. Or maybe it's MOMA that shall be known by the company IT keep?

catt55 said...

touche, Tim. post-ironic, no?

Terésa said...

Great way to view it, Tim. Hey, I didn't know you had that exhibit up. The pictures are amazing!

Mary D said...

I always brag to my friends when passing your work. "Hey, I know that guy, he's a genius". Now, my thoughts are validated by MOMA. Ha!

Jessie said...

There goes that stuffy old MOMA again, hitching a ride on the coattails of the future. It's nice of you to give them a lift.

Walter Dufresne said...

MoMA at the Atlantic Avenue station?Just a bunch of johnny-come-latelies!

Robin said...

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, n'est-ce pas? You've set the bar pretty high. I change for the D just to smile when I see your work.