Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cardplayers make "Best view"

"Winter cardplayers, Sunset Park," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

My picture of cardplayers was picked up by Best View in Brooklyn, a blog about the Sunset Park area. The publisher/blogger is "female & taken" & has a Flickr site -- that's all we know -- but she presides over a lively & opinionated product that does what good small town newspapers used to do. That is, inform, report, gossip, entertain & occasionally rile up, all on a strictly local scale. Best View is loaded with events calendars, parents' pages, school news, blurbs for local talent, plus lots & lots of pictures, exposes (with more pictures), blogosphere picks & pans, movies, books, restaurant reviews& more... all from a neighborhood slant.

If you're from Sunset Park (which, BTW, DOES have the best view in Brooklyn), check this one out.

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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Thanks so much for the embarrassingly complimentary plug. The admiration is mutural. If you visit Sunset Park again, send the photos to the new flickr pool for Best View.