Saturday, November 8, 2008

Annie's Garden: A touchstone in time

"Heart of november," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

I go back to certain places again & again to take photographs. One such place is Annie's Garden, a small lovingly planted sitting & refreshment space a few steps away from the Garden of Union in Park Slope. From one visit to the next -- hours, days or months apart -- nothing remains unchanged in this shady spot. If photography, more than any other art, is about time, this little garden lets me confront its mysteries.

"Old gold," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

See more of my photos of Annie's Garden.

For an overview of the Union St. gardens, including Annie's, take the tour with Flatbush Gardener.


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Papotine said...

This is Time, exactly. Intricately mixed with photography and seasons. That's why I like your photograph : time has stopped, but it is still so very much alive.