Monday, November 24, 2008

Nancy Fulton: Of wind & summer light

Nancy Fulton (aka Yellowhammer on Flickr) spends her summers on the Maine coast, where she makes photographs that range from mature contemplation to child-like play. I recently had occasion to spend some time looking at her Wind series. The series is nothing more than colored & textured fabrics hung in Nancy's yard & photographed as they race, loft, plunge & cavort in the breezy summer light. Yet I was amazed at the feelings the pictures stirred. I laughed more than once & even felt a kind of grief knowing these moments (& everything) inevitably vanish. But the main feeling, which underlay all the others, was delight.

Here are four from Wind.




From "Wind," Nancy Fulton, All rights reserved


Christine (CA) said...

Good to see you highlight Nancy's work. Her wind series has always been one of my favorites. Her other series are equally brilliant. She has a kind of single-minded, perhaps even stubborn, persistence and focus on a theme that fascinates me. Not unlike what I often see in your workings :)

Chris Bonney said...

Thanks for introducing me to Nancy's work. Love this wind series.