Friday, September 12, 2008

Let them eat spoonbread

Ruthie & Bill got married
"Ruthie & Bill," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

Ruthie & Bill got married last weekend. Today Ruthie linked from her wonderful Spoonbread for Hieronymous blog to my recent Flickr rave review of the wedding. Like everything on the blog, her post, Wedding Spoonbread Redux , is about food. Ruthie -- among her many other accomplishments -- is an amazing cook. In Bill -- a renaissance man in his own right -- she has found her essential counterpart, an enthusiastic & deeply appreciative eater.

If you like to eat (who doesn't?), check out Spoonbread. Called a "family cookbook," it has warm, clear prose, great pictures & recipes to die for.

And BTW for directions & info about my Atlantic Ave.-Pacific St. subway station photos that Ruthie mentions in her post, go here (but ignore the dates).

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