Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Every story tells a picture

"Boy & man," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

I didn't know this boy or the man out in the water, but when I went to title the shot I naturally wrote, "Boy & dad." It's remarkable how stories seize us. Now it's hard for me to imagine these two outside a father-son relationship. There's no actual evidence, just a hunch based on body language & memory.

In her comment on my Flickr page, my friend Christine astutely observed the boy's stance: "...the shoulders stiffened with resolve and perhaps pride, but every muscle stopped from any forward motion..." , which convinced me anew. But does the picture really depict a son & his father or do we just want that to be true because it helps make sense of the world?

See a larger version.


Anonymous said...

wonderful questioning going on here.
we see from within our familiar cultures; our beliefs structure what we see which is why we are all partially visually disabled


Anonymous said...

If you set your mind to it, there are so many stories you can read into these.