Friday, December 14, 2007

Who is Warrington Colescott?

"Frequent fliers," Warrington Colescott, watercolor, 2002

I never heard of him before today. Warrington Colescott is a painter. A social satirist. Born (1921) & raised in California. Art professor for many years in Wisconsin. That's all I could find out in a cursory google search. I was skipping around the internet trying to add to the little I know about landscape photography. I was looking for a picture I once saw by Edward Muybridge & found this:

"1872: Edward Muybridge photographs Albert Bierstadt painting Yosemite Valley," Warrington Colescott, watercolor, 1993

A few notes on the picture: As a protege of Leland Stanford, Muybridge later became famous for his motion studies of running horses, considered to be key precursors of cinema. Alfred Bierstadt was a flamboyantly romantic painter whose huge wall-sized paintings depicted Yosemite & other Western landscapes as the New Eden. The Indians surrounding Muybridge & Bierstadt are natives of Yosemite. These Indians were repeatedly evicted from the valley & their villages burned to establish a place where "man is only a visitor, and human beings don't belong."

George Grosz couldn't have done it better.

See more of Warrington Colescott's work at larger size.


christine said...

Cool, Tim, and I thought of Grosz as well:

Tim Connor said...

Larry B from Flickr said:

As crazy and imagined as Bierstadt's works are, I still love them and get a thrill whenever I see one of his enormous canvases.

There's one at SAM (the Seattle Art Museum) that supposedly shows Puget Sound. Alas, the Casades apparently run right up to the water and my apartment would be at something like 10k feet, as per the painting.

[edit] OMG Colescott!! Must learn more!

archer said...

Red Grooms meets Ben Shahn?
I dig it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, All. I stumbled across this string while doing a Google search. Just wanted to let you know that the Milwaukee Art Museum has the largest collection of work by Warrington Colescott, and we are preparing a major book and exhibition for November 2009. Thanks for your interest!

Mary Weaver Chapin, Ph.D.
Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings, Milwaukee Art Museum

JoyceOwens said...

I was looking for Robert Colescott and came across Warrington. Wondering if they are related?

den nc usa said...

Here's an online link to a series at Wake Forest University. I don't think they're on public display.

den nc usa said...

Oh on that
the first image doesn't work to enlarge.

I noted it on their website.

The others load, one or two maybe slowly.

Thanks for your images and info here!