Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mixed media

Mixed-media landscape
"Wall in Annie's Garden," Tim Connor, All rights reserved


Lizzie said...

I really like this piece of work, but I was wondering how it has been made? I know it says a mixed media piece, but I'd be really interested to know exactly how you achieved the final effect for this?
Thank you!

Tim Connor said...

Hi Lizzie, The title is somewhat ironic. It is mixed, but the media are paint on a wall mural & the living plants growing over that mural. There are some flowers painted below the rocky seascape image & they play against the living plants also. So I was being a wise guy, which I often am when trying to come up with titles.
P.S. I've photographed this place, called Annie's Garden, a number of times. You can see a collection at:

Thanks for asking.