Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Everyday intimacies

"Haircut, Tel Aviv, Israel", 2005 , Oz Lubling, All rights reserved.

This week Flak Photo is featuring "Regarding Intimacy," an exhibition conceived as counterpoint to the "...increasingly risqué depictions of physical and sexual intimacy [that] have pervaded visual media. " Curated by Saul Robbins and running at Hunter College till May 12, the show depicts this "...broader range of normal and everyday intimate relationships that deserves our attention, holding a much greater promise of attainability, rather than the highly stylized, glamorous, and erotic one that is so often in vogue and out of reach. "

Contributing photographers include: Allen Frame, Dona Schwartz, Carrie Mae Weems, John Milisenda, Robert Shamis, Larry Sultan, Keisha Scarville, Todd Deutsch and Oz Lubling.

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terri lynn said...

I love that!

Why does everyone want the unattainable?

I worked for 10 years as a meatcutter, believe it or not, and that is where I met my best friend Doug.

We worked closely together and he was very affectionate, gentle and tender, but not sexual. We grew to be very close and intimate friends, I miss his touch.