Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Firefox rallies late to overcome Safari

Firefox logo

In certain circles I have been known for my angry rants against Firefox. "Oh the web browser?" you ask, amazed. "Are you a...nerd?" Well, no, but somebody once called me a colorist, which is much, much worse. My complaint was -- well, Firefox's colors basically sucked.

In fact, they were pallid, unsaturated, dishwater dull. It made me crazy that no one else, not even my artist friends, seemed to notice or care. Firefox was faster, more stable, more user-friendly, they told me. And it was true. But it was color that counted. And Safari gave me great color.

It's true I might have discovered Firefox's big change of heart earlier than today if I had bothered to download the latest version that's been bouncing the Software Update icon up & down on my monitor for who knows how long. But, hey, it's news to me, so it's news. That's the way I look at it.

Firefox fixed their colors!

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