Monday, June 1, 2009

Cash & prizes

"Kitchen worker on break," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

This picture won Honorable Mention at Judson Church's 'New' New Yorkers show a few weeks ago. Today I got a check in the mail for $25. At different times in the past I've made modest amounts of money as a photographer, but I've never won prize money before.

Unlike most contests, Judson didn't charge an entry fee to compete. It did, however, offer small cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places, as well as 3 honorable mentions. To me this felt honest & respectful . My prize, tiny as it was, actually meant something -- the way cash automatically does. And those who won nothing at least didn't have to swallow the minor humiliation of paying money to be ignored. In this case not winning wasn't the same thing as losing.

For more read my post at the time.


Christine (CA) said...

Ha! One of the prints of yours I own! Can I pick 'em ......?


amgphoto said...

Congrats Tim. That's a great shot. You certainly deserved the prize (and I'm not talking about cash value here...I'm talking about principle.)

Melz said...

The colors are amazing (you always do that well) but another signature 'you' element is the feel of the environment you capture. This one is great, using the mirror to capture the dog and rest of the surroundings while still being able to keep the focus on the worker. LOVE this one. Always a pleasure viewing your work.