Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hail hail rock n' roll

"Stormy love," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

Before this one, no posts in over a week. I have been unable to push through the exhaustion to work on pictures & write after a day's commute, work day, errands & chores.

This blog is work, sure, but it's fascinating, if not always fun, for me. I needed to take a break. Remember John Lennon on the White Album, wailing that he feels so bad ... "I even hate my rock n' roll!"

I don't want to ever hate my rock n' roll.

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Unknown said...


As a follower of your work, I can certainly appreciate the effort this takes. Just know that I support your efforts. Take your time.

Oh, and 'Stormy Love' reminds me of a dream I had last month. How odd...

Take care, Connor!