Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More garden godlings

"Little lamb lost," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

"Lady in the garden," Tim Connor, All rights reserved


Michael said...

By incorporating topiary into your formal garden design, you can take basic lines and create art, all adding up to a good-looking, green space in your home.
If you are looking for more info then consider the following:

1) The Bookstore - there are books on every topic, and they are typically more complete than the internet

2) Search Engines - Don't forget your search engines

3) Local stores - employees at specialty stores can be very helpful

Tim Connor said...

From *CA* at Flickr:

Quite an interesting series. Taps into the child in all of us. They are, after all, the ones who see these things.
I was sitting in an outside restaurant in Florida a few months ago. There was a baby dove on a brick planter near me. It was not quite ready to fly and may have fallen from a nest above, but the mother was feeding it when there was no human traffic. I watched numerous people walk quite by and not notice. In fact, the only ones who saw it were children.