Tuesday, August 14, 2007


"Mountain and Sky, Lake George," 1924, Alfred Stieglitz

As photographers, our medium is light. I thought the following, from a letter to Sunday's NY Times Magazine in response to an essay about atheists & heaven , was apropos. And beautiful.

"...Carl Sagan often said that when you look at the stars, you look back in time. The stars we see now first emitted light billions of years ago. And yet we see that light in the present, although many of those stars have since died. That means our sun, and the reflected light of its planets, are currently emitting light into the future, which means we do exist forever.

Perhaps time and space are heaven. We’re streaming through the night sky, where the ancients always said heaven would be."

Lorraine Dittko
Manorville, N.Y.


Tim Connor said...

Terri Lynn responds on Flickr:

"perhaps an atheist sees children the same way they see the heavens, a proof of immortality? We all have to believe something, anything."

Tim Connor said...

Archer's Eye responds on Flickr:

"It’s a profound, underappreciated truth. We Are Made of Stardust!"

Chris Bonney said...

Have indeed always loved, and been no doubt very much influenced, by these Stieglitz images.

Anonymous said...

Chuckwheat says on Flickr:

That Dulce Pinzon link is great, thanks for posting!
It's probably a fair comparison, equating illegal immigration as
the 'new gay marriage' boogyman for the Repubs to chase after
with torches and pitchforks.
Immigration regulation is so backlogged, I don't see any fair and equitable solution coming up.
Nobody rides for free, so all that cheap(er) labor has come home to roost.
I think it'll get nastier, and messy; human nature being what it is.