Thursday, July 19, 2007

Latest Almanac Magazine is online

From "American Typologies, Painted Houses," Jeff Brouws, All rights reserved

This month's Almanac Magazine features exquisite black & white documentation by George Malave of New York's now-vanished Third Avenue El along with newer color work by Jeff Brouws & Kenny Trice.

A video interview of Malave by Almanac's publisher Ben Fernandez looked promising, but on my machine the sound & picture repeatedly stuttered & stalled. Maybe you'll have better luck.

While we're on technical matters, I have a question -- & this is mainly a concern for bloggers. How does one download photos from an Adobe Flash Player 9 website like Almanac's? Is there a way? I found the two Jeff Brouw pictures above on another site, but often that isn't possible. Without pictures it's kind of hard to blog about pictures.

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