Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mari vs. Bush: TKO to the kid

"Mari & Kyla at the pond, W. Barnett, VT, 1998," Tim Connor, All rights reserved

Mari Oye, the 18-year-old daughter of our old friends Ken Oye & Willa Michener, made the front page of the Boston Globe yesterday for handing George Bush a letter urging him to reject torture & treat terror suspects humanely. The occasion was a White House ceremony honoring Mari & 149 other Presidential Scholars. She had handwritten the letter the night before & persuaded 49 of her fellow winners to sign it with her. "I really felt l could not just go down and smile for the camera and not say anything," she told the Globe.

We've know Mari (she's on the left in the picture above with our daughter Kyla) since she was a tiny baby. Bravo, Mari! We're proud of you.

You can read a transcript of the interview with Mari & two other signers on CNN's "American Morning." (Ironically, I found it on News Busters, a site dedicated to strafing so-called "liberal" media).

There's also a good story here (with video) on WBZTV's site. Or just go straight to the video.


Unknown said...

She was great on CNN until they absurdly cut her mic and went to some stupid story - probably about Paris.

Christine (CA) said...

Way to go, Mari!

Tim Connor said...

I agree.

Michael, thanks to your comment I went looking further & found a transcript from CNN & a video clip on WBZTV. I'm adding them to the story.

Anonymous said...

well that video just brought tears to my eyes!!!

sylviasometimes said...

Hi Tim...I watched the video of wonderful that bright young
minds are out there and acting courageously...she seemed immensely poised and well-spoken...Bravo...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, I read the story when it ran and now am thrilled to hear of your friendship with Mari. Great work and congratulations Mari!

Anonymous said...

thanks everyone :)

I remember that pond... it was beautiful up there! Much nicer than the White House in my book.
~ Mari